christmas car

my car was flocked last night. now just in case you don’t know what “flocking” is i’ll paste the american hertiage dictionary definition of what it is:

flocked – to texture or pattern with pulverized wool or felt.

you’ve probably seen flocking before. people often place flocking on their CHRISTmas trees (though personally i think it makes them look ugly). i think the flocking is suppose to make the CHRISTmas tree fire retardent or something like that. people also often use colored flocking to change the look of the tree. this means that instead of a great looking green CHRISTmas tree they have an ugly looking pink or blue blob of a tree. i guess it matches their interior better or something.

anyway, i woke up this morning and went to get into my car only to find that someone had texturized the driver side windows of my car with what appears to have been “snow in a can” or “flocking” stuff. it was my fault of course because i parked on the side of the road thus making it easy for these rampaging flockers to spray the driver side windows of my car. i’m just simply confused as to why someone might have flocked my car. i can only come up with a couple of sensieble reasons. here they are:

1. my car is red and therefore the flocking gang my have thought my car was on fire and in need of fire-retardent flocking spray to be placed upon it. if they were trying to save my protege from the flames then i am grateful.

2. they didn’t like the red color of the mazda and wanted to change it to pink or blue to match their CHRISTmas tree and the interior of their house.

3. they thought that my car would look better with more texture on it and therefore added the flocking to give it that nice mold growing on look that flocking gives to whatever it is on.

4. they thought my protege was a CHRISTmas tree and they really like flocked CHRISTmas trees.

like i said i’m not sure of the actual reason for flocking my car but i believe that i can safely say that whoever did it is very confused and mentally unstable because my car is not on fire or a CHRISTmas tree. i sure do hope those people get better because it must really stink walking around thinking that cars are CHRISTmas trees. i would like to add though that if you have to walk around thinking that cars are CHRISTmas trees then you need to decorate it better than just flocking. they should have placed CHRISTmas lights on the protege and ornaments and then maybe sang CHRISTmas carrolls around it, but don’t flock it. that’s just tacky. it’s okay to be crazy if you at least have good taste.

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