blanco won the governor’s election and this is deeply disturbing to me. i’m not really talking politics here even though i wanted jindel to win because i agreed the most, though not entirely with him. i’m talking names. our new governor’s name is “blanc-o”. this does not seem to point to a bright future for louisiana. will blanco accomplish much as governor? nope, her agenda will be “blank”. there will be a big “o” all over her political career.

what type of politican would keep a name like “blanco”?. it is just right for public abuse. why not just name yourself “i won’t accomplish anything”? or “zilch”? of course, we’re talking about louisiana politics so maybe her name should be “i’ll cheat the system, abuse my power and then go to jail” or just shorten it down to “crook.” to my knowledge neither blanco nor jindel have commited any crimes but we do have a state history of this type of stuff so there’s always hope.

of course, some of you may have voted for blanco. you have that right to do that and i am very thankful for that right. i’m just upset by her name. who’s the governor of louisiana? not sure i keep on drawing a “blank”.

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