disciplenow plans

i’m pretty excited because today i received confirmation that the band i really wanted to join us for our disciplenow will be with us. the robbie seay band will be leading us in worship through music during the disciplenow (march 19-21). this is not meant to be as much of an advertisement for the disciplenow as it is a comment on how i like it when GOD works things out. rsb has been helping me out with some of their songs for about two years now. that’s why i wanted to get them involved. but, i was pretty sure that we would not be able to cover their costs for joining us for our disciplenow. turns out that it within their schedule and travel and that means we can get them. i can’t wait.

if you are curious about who they are then go to their website http://www.robbieseayband.com/. i really like them.

on a sad note, pam and i gave into today and bought noah an o.u. jersey (with his birthday money). we tried to talk him out of it but he has been converted and it didn’t feel right saying “no you can’t buy a non-l.s.u. jersey” when football isn’t really that important to us.

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