just call me emeral

i finally found a style of cooking that fits me. for CHRISTmas pam received a creme brulee set. i’m not entirely sure what creme brulee is but i know that it has a caramelized crust on the top of it. this means that you take brown sugar and burn it until it melts and forms a rich brown crust on top of the dessert. in order to do this the set comes with a small “cooking torch” which is just a smaller version of a regular old propane blow torch. i don’t really know much about cooking indoors (cooking around a fire is my domain), but i know a fair amount about blow torches, so i told pam i would handle the caramelizing. it was my first attempt at doing this but it worked fine. it would appear that i am a natural at cooking with a blow torch. whoever thought of using a propane blow torch in cooking was a genius.

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