the puking family

friday through today have been days of vomit at the terrell household. friday keebler (the terrell family cat who thinks he is a dog) began to barf all over the place. cat vomit is not one of the more pleasant things in the world. in fact, the only thing worse than cat vomit is actually having the watch the cat throw up. when keebler throws up it involves his whole body. it’s like the puke begins at his tails and has to be forced horizontally towards his mouth. it’s very painful to watch and the overall sound of the cat gagging just makes the experience that much more painful. thankfully, i never saw him throw up.

what i did end up seeing was cat vomit all over the house. then keebler got to see me down on my hands and knees cleaning up the barf. the stupid cat has now cost us the price of s steam cleaner and a decent amount of elbow grease (it’s pam’s elbow grease that has been used but i still feel the pain of it).

after a weekend of cat puke i walked into the house this evening to see noah (my 7 year old) tossing his biscuits into a large pot. he had just finished a bag of cheetos which gave the vomit have a lovely tint of color. the poor fellow has thrown up one more time since earlier today. i don’t like it when my kids are sick (i’m not real thrilled when the cat gets sick but i really don’t like it when my kids are sick). of course, noah is thrilled because he knows that the puke will keep him from having to go to school tomorrow. i dread the day when he is old enough to stay home by himself and has learned how to fake being sick.

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