head cold

i have a head cold right now. i’ve been taking care of noah all day (here “taking care of” translates to feeding him and letting him watch way too much television) and that’s not fun when all i really want to do is be dosed up with alka seltzer cold medicine or maybe nyquil and sleeping in bed. i hate colds!

all i’ve done today is try to sleep and fail and then try to stay awake and fail. it really stinks. i could have used this day to read allot and catch up on the studying i need to do for our disciplenow in march (19-21) http:parkviewyouth.org/holy.html. it would have been a great day of focusing on researching so that i could write the disciplenow material. the main problem is that every time i start to read all the ink on the page melts and forms weird shapes that look absolutely nothing like letters or words. i feel like i’m trying to read chinese. this would actually be okay, because i could simply enjoy the images but every time i start to focus on them they change and then before i know it i’ve passed out again. then i wake up freezing and wondering why i’m so cold, only to realize that i’m covered by two blankets and sweating profusely. i hate being sick.

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