fright scene

today i was “one eyed” by an old man. I was walking into the locker room at foxy’s gym & racquet club to take a shower after playing racquetball when I was greeted with a scary image. the doors that enter into the men’s locker room are double doors that swing inward. i pushed these doors open and was forcefully walking into the locker room when i was greeted by an old man standing about 4 feet in front of me. actually he didn’t know he was greeting me. you see this very wrinkled man was standing with his back to the door with absolutely no clothes on what so ever. this would have been bad enough as it were but one fact made it worse. you see the very wrinkled, very naked, very old man wasn’t really standing in front of me. no, he was bending over from the waste to pick something up from the floor. this means that i was greeted by the rear of an incredibly old, extremely wrinkled, frighteningly naked man.

i don’t really dislike old people or even very wrinkled people. some of my friends are old and wrinkled. it’s just that i don’t usually see these friends naked. the nudity changes everything. then you add the bending over and things just get worse. the whole event has scarred me for life and will probably give me nightmares for the next week.

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