last of the blazing fast hot dogs

today was pinewood derby day for the terrell household. noah went frst and his vehicle “hot wings” a hugely large pencil type car did decently. three years ago when i first tried pinewood derby cars with adam we were last with the car never actually making it across the finish line. this was noah’s first year and my goal was simply for noah’s vehicle cross the finish line on its own each time. it did! in fact it finish in third place all but one time. this was a great start for noah’s pinewood derby experience.

adam’s car was the story of the day. adam wanted his car to look like a hotdog. so that’s what we did, we made it look like a hot dog. it was quite funny to look at. it wasn’t like the oscar meyer wiener mobile which merely resembles a hotdog. adam’s car looked exactly like a hotdog. we figured that we would win the “judges’ favorite” award and just give up on doing anything speed-wise. of course, the fates had a different plan in mind. apparently GOD’s must perfect aerodynamic design is hotdog shaped. that can be the only explanation for you see adam’s hotdog car was a speed demon today. the first race was composed of three very sleek, speedy designs versus the demon dog of racing. everyone received a good laugh looking at the starting gate – car versus dog. when the dog was released it was a different story. the dog leaped from the gate with the speed of a greyhound.

go dog, go! (this is for all the dr. seuss fans in the house)

it was amazing to see a hotdog two lengths ahead of all the race car shaped vehicles. the crowd roared, adam’s face beamed, my dad the hotdog designer cheered, pam the painter stood slapping, and i the axle perfecter screamed in disbelief. we all thought this was a fluke until the second race where upon the speedy hotdog again humiliated the rest of the crowd. it raced 4 times and on the last race finally had a bad run, being beat for first by a very slim margin. when they calculated all the speeds it turned out that adam’s hotdog demon had the second fastest average speed – missing first place by 25 one thousandths of a second. it was truly fast food.

next year i believe we will again reject the fast looking race car designs. maybe we’ll have adam’s vehicle like a blazing hockey stick or speedy refrigerator.

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