most extreme elimination challenge

i love my job!

i know that i say this about every 5th entry but it really is true. my job is the greatest because while i’m doing something very important and meaningful i get to include really cool things within it and have alot of fun while doing it. i’ve been working on a swish movie (shockwave) for wednesday and i decided to included within the movie the theme some from the “spiketv” show “mxc” (most extreme elimination challenge). i love this show. i usually turned the volume down on the television, because the commentary is not always that great but the program is hilarious. me and the boys watch the contestants kill themselves and laugh. for some reason it is great to watch strangers put themselves through near fatal challenges.

i had to cook tonight. pam and adam went to the movies so i was left making supper. i cooked chicken divan from a receipt. it was an extremely scary adventure. men were not meant to cook in your normal household kitchen. a man’s cooking talents go beyond the size of the normal kitchen. this is why we either cook outside on the grill where our talents can freely expand throughout the universe or use a professional kitchen which has enough room to at least withstand our skills until we can take them outside and cook over a fire again. i was at least able to hold my talents in a enough to make the divan. it was touchy there for a little while but i kept those talents in.

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