how different are we?

i so often hear people say that men are rational and women are emotional. i firmly believe that there are differences between men and women – physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual differences. i would agree that the sexes respond to the same events in different ways. yet i really don’t believe that we are all that different and i definitely don’t believe that men are rational. most of the men i know are anything but logical. men are typically every bit as emotional as women – it’s just that those emotions show themselves in manner that are different from women.

why do guys pick the cars that they do? it’s not for rational reasons. just think about it for a second. look at the suv’s, trucks, and sports cars that we men buy and tell me how they are chosen for logical reasons. consider our politics. most of our political decisions are made based on emotional reasons rather than rational. when’s the last time you saw a guy make a rational decision about dating or marrying someone? logic has very little to do with those decisions. no men are just as emotional as women.

now please don’t get me wrong i do believe there are differences in the way that men and women react to things. it’s just that i believe those differences are differences within the same category – emotion – rather than differences in kind – rational versus emotional.

i wonder why we do this? i am beginning to think that it is done to make the decisions of women look worse than the decisions of men. i guess some think that rational decisions must be better than emotional decisions. nope! not in my opinion. i wonder if the whole thing isn’t just an unconscious ploy to belittle the role of a woman in our society.

thank GOD we are not the same. i am very thankful that pam, my wife, calls on me to open jars because i am physically stronger than her, i love the fact that i under spatial aspects better than her, and i appreciate the fact that in some ways she has a better sense of beauty than i do. still when you get down to the center of the matter i’m not so sure we are all that different.

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