it’s over

the JESUS project – our fall/winter retreat is over. this means that my life is alot less hectic and i can begin to blog again. the retreat was great. some highlights of the weekend were:

  • the worship services
  • the spontaneous mud slide that formed after it rained on us.
  • the three-on-three team of middle schoolers who almost beat all the high school students.
  • alot of “down” time.

right now our house is party central with two neighborhood kids here. pam and i have tried unsuccessfully to get them to go home for a little while. they just keep on coming back. i really do enjoy having them here except for the fact that the overall decibel level of the house increases significantly when they are here. for some reason everyone feels the need to shout even the most simple statements. i’ve discussed this before february 23, 2004. it’s still as true today.

i would actually retreat to my bedroom and hide in there except for the fact that i kind of think that is what they want. i’m not sure but that all the noise is not a well planned attempt to chase me away from the living room and den so that they can have it all to themselves. i won’t give into this audio terrorism. silence lovers of the world unite.

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