okay maybe GOD didn’t tell me to do anything

on november 1st i wrote about the fact that a couple of people who had agreed to help out with an event later told me that GOD had told them that they weren’t supposed to be a part of the retreat. at the time i actually knew that they wanted to be a part of our college ministry’s tailgate party at the l.s.u. v. ole miss football game. well, a small problem developed – i.e. rain – and the tailgate party was canceled.

interestingly enough these two individuals suddenly came to me asking if they could now be a part of the retreat again. interesting how GOD will changed after the other event was canceled.

i just wish that had be honest in the beginning and said “i really want to go to the tailgate party.” i would have been fine with that. we can always find more leaders. i learned a long time ago that no one, including myself, is indispensable. GOD always provides someone else who can and probably will do a better job. GOD provided the leaders we needed for the retreat. in fact, he forced me to use two people who i hadn’t planned on using. of course, these two people ended up being the two best leaders of the weekend. they were amazing.

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  1. I’ve always been a little wary of people who say “God told me to”–especially if something as trivial as a tailgate party is involved. Maybe God told you to become a preacher or move to Israel or have lots of children, but I kinda doubt that tailgate party vs. not is really going to be a big deal in the scheme of things.

    Glad it turned out all right.

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