i’ve finally discovered how to use rss. i had posted on my woeful inadequacy in geekdom on october 21st. in that post brad taught me the meaning of “rss” but unfortunately for all concerned i still didn’t have a grasp of what the meaning of “rss” meant. though i now knew what “rss” meant i had absolutely no idea what to do with “rss”.

thanks be to my.yahoo.com and the upgrade that they have recently gone through i am now able to use “rss.” my yahoo.com now allows me to use “rss” to feed the blogs i read to my home page. this way i can simply look at my home page and see if the blogs i like have any new entries. now that i’ve seen “rss” work on one page i understand it completely and can use it. i know that i can get blogging software that will check these things for me. yippee! life is good.

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