don’t eat on the tray

i’ve had several requests for the rules video from the JESUS project to be placed on the web page and since i always like to accommodate requests if it is possible i have decided to place the video here. you’ll need real player to view it. we used this video as a funny way to convey a few simple rules for the retreat. it was a fun way of doing something that we had to do.

on a side note – my dad has recently started telling me that i cheat at blogging because i will post small entries. i didn’t really know that there were rules about the length of blog entries but even if there are i don’t really think my entries are that small. yes, sometimes i post small entries, but usually my ramblings go on for a while. this may be the first time in my life that i have ever been accused of being to brief in my comments.

on a second side note – spiderman 2 is the best superhero movie that has been made thus far. i bought it yesterday and just finished watching it with my oldest son. it’s fast enough and action packeted enough for him to like it yet it still deals with the inner struggles of doing what is right. it’s an action flick that actually has depth.

on a third side note – i wish all of the blogs i read and look at would install an rss feed. i’ve recently gone from not knowing how to use the stupid things to being in love with them. i presently use bloglines to check almost all the blogs that i really care about. yet there are still a few blogs that i have to check out directly each day because of the fact that the owner doesn’t have an rss feed of the site. life would be so much easier if they did.

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