i hate shopping

i love CHRISTmas but i hate shopping.

for my birthday some friends gave me a giftcard to academy sports & outdoors. i’m very thankful for this because it said that my friends knew who i am – they wanted me to be able to buy some fishing gear. last night pam and i ate with these friends and they introduced us to the concept of deep frying chickens, much like you would deep fry a turkey. this was amazing. in fact, it was so good that pam agreed that i should probably buy a turkey frying kit so that we could do this same thing for CHRISTmas dinner with our families. i decided to use the acadmey giftcard for this & to buy some stuff for fly-fishing for bream.

there were lots of people on the road and lots of people in the store all in a mad rush to buy things. this is stupid. why the mad rush to spend money? i understand a mad rush to go spend time with people you love or to participate in a community building event but a mad rush to spend money is just plain stupid.

every time i turned a corner there was groups of people and products blocking the way. the lanes were filled huge piles of boxed up products that the store manager is hoping will be sold by the end of the month. where the isles weren’t blocked by items for sale they were full of people who were salivating over items that they “desperately needed.” it all made me won’t to scream.

i actually started the leave the store and just go back home more than once. yet, each time i realized that i needed to buy the turkey frying kit before next sunday when i plan on using it for a cheap way to feed allot of people – our 11th & 12th graders are going to have a potluck at pam and my house. so i went through the stress of picking up the items and then waiting in line. i hated it all.

by the end of it all i had a full set of equipment for frying turkey or chickens, boiling shrimp or crawfish and a bad attitude.

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