in need of prozac?

i haven’t posted in a few days because i have had a mini-depression in regards to ministry.

every now and then i go through periods of depression in regards to the work of CHRIST. during these times i sometimes feel like i’m not doing anything worth squat or i’m not making a difference at all or it just feels like nothing i do goes the way it is supposed to. i can’t always tell you why these times happen and there never seems to be much that is predictable about them. sometimes they are related to a specific event that has happened or did not happen but sometimes they are related to events at all. sometimes they last for three to four months, while other times that are over very quickly. sometimes they are times that i can later look back on and see significant progress and growth that took place during them, both in my own life and within the ministry. other times it is just a bland time that i was going through. they never really seem to make sense.

for the past week i’ve gone through a brief one. i say “brief” because for one it was only a week and second i believe it is actually ending. i don’t know why it happened but i do know that i didn’t enjoy being around myself and therefore i am fairly sure that no one else enjoyed being around me either. i sure do hope it is over.

i don’t like these times but because of past experience i am always able to tell myself that “it will pass” and i will enjoy ministry again.

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