jonnybaker: open source conferencing…

jonnybaker: open source conferencing…

i’m mainly blogging about this article because i want to remember it and i don’t desire to keep it as “new” on my bloglines feeds. it’s an interesting concept for doing “church” or maybe more “sunday school”. you set up different rooms for that are then filled with “themes” that have been suggested by individuals within the group. the only person who has to stay in these rooms are the ones who proposed the “theme” for that room. everyone else is free to roam from room to room. this way they will “cross pollinate” the conversations from each room. at the end of the day all the groups give outline of what was discussed in each room.

i want to remember this because i would like to do it someday. pasting it here on the blog is easier than filing the thing away somewhere only to be forgotten.

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