santa baby

charismatic santa

this is the 20′ tall santa that is on top of the benny’s car wash on coursey boulevard. i thought it was funny looking so i snapped a picture of it.

i’ve recently decided that i’m going to try and learn at least a little something about digital photography. i figure the best way to do that is to read as much as i can and have a photo project each week that forces me to takes pictures. photo friday puts a theme on their website each week and then takes submissions of photos interpreting that theme. it’s not really a competition. it’s more like a group of people working on things together by putting up their pictures and making comments on each other. i don’t ever expect to be a decent photographer but i figure working on this could at least help me improve a little. if nothing else, t will help me to take at least one picture each week.

if any of you guys & girls know of a good online tutorial for digital photography i would appreciate the url. thanks.

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