giving up what belongs to us

i hate it when we CHRISTians give up things that are actually a part of our story. case in point – santa claus. there has recently been a debate santa on the youth specialties forum and on some pastor’s wives forum that my wife goes to every now and then (usually to get mad because we don’t agree with much that is said there). in both of these discussions i’ve been amazed by the number of people who are willing to simply give up on the legend of st. nicholas. some people are so upset by the commercial aspects of view on santa that they are willing to completely forget about the legend which shows nicholas as an amazing example of following CHRIST. nicholas is a part of our story. yes the world has ruined and corrupted parts of the legend but that is because we have let them. nicholas is a part of the line of followers of CHRIST and a part of “the family.” you’re suppose to fight for family. yet we are so willing to give him up and let someone else claim him (consumerism). i hate it when we give up our heritage.

the history channel’s website has a great article on the development of the modern santa claus myths. the history channel give credit where credit is do. they recognize that st. nicholas is ours (CHRISTIans’). i just wish we could recognize what the world already does.

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