not as good as the new?

i’ve been sick since sunday afternoon. this has basically translated into me sleeping…alot. all i’ve eaten since lunch sunday has been 4 spoonfuls of soup and 10 crackers. needless to say life has been pretty boring and i don’t really have anything to blog about.

i did watch original the manchurian candidate (1962) today (thanks to my lovely wife who graciously grabbed me a few movies to watch during my convalescence). i usually think that the original of something is typically the way to go. i’m no a real big fan of remakes. but that’s not true in this case. the original manchurian candidate is a good movie and i enjoyed it BUT the 2004 remake of the manchurian candidate is much better. i thought the plot of the 2004 film was much more realistic.

well, i’ve typed as much as i can. i’m worn out and need to sleep.

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