top ten uses for a dog

francis-cookingwhen i get sick i get majorly sick, just ask pam. i’m out for days. all i do is sleep. of course, me being sick is not really the point i wanted to make during this entry. instead i want to talk about how great it is to have a basset hound. the only thing i do well when i am sick is sleep and it just so happens that basset hounds are experts at sleeping. even better than being expert sleepers bassets love to sleep beside people. every time i lay down montana is there to jump on the couch and lie down with me. 45 pounds of slightly smelly bed warmer. just what the doctor ordered.

the good side of being sick has been that my body picked the absolute best days of the year to be sick on. it has been rainy and cold (at least i think it is cold – i haven’t been outside the house since 7 p.m. sunday). the perfect weather for being sick in. pam is making her fantastic chicken noodle soup tonight and that will only make things better. so let me hit the facts again:

  • sick
  • cold, rainy weather
  • basset hound warming device
  • homemade chicken noodle soup

if you got to be sick then that’s the way to be sick.

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