the basset 500

basset eyei feel like i have been blogging alot over the past month about my dog, montana. it’s just that she is so new to us (we’ve only had her for six weeks) and i personally find this one foot tall, cat-poop eating dog fascinating. therefore, i want to describe the “basset 500” to you. whenever montana gets excited her body responds with a need to run. since she is primarily an “inside” dog this means that the desire to run usually hits her while she’s in the house. as many of you know the terrell home is built with the living room, kitchen, study, and den all forming a circle. this circle is montana’s track of choice. when we came into the house this afternoon that was enough of a reason for montana to get excited and thus the circle of the “basset 500” began to be raced.

you really wouldn’t think that a basset hound could run very fast but you would be wrong to think that. she may have short legs but she has a long body and this gives her short legs a very long reach with each stride. imagine a very short cheetah. he short legs and long body end up producing a great velocity. montana is a red and white blazing missile when she starts running. of course, being a basset hound she’s a “red and white blazing missile” that is cruising a height of your shins.

now many of you may not know this about me but i have weak shins. i know it sounds stupid but my shins are really sensitive. we all have our weaknesses. superman has his kyrponite, spiderman has his teenage insecurities, and i, robert terrell, have my weak shins. it’s something i have had to live with for all of my days.

you see that’s the problem with having a basset hound in the house. once she starts running the “basset 500” and really gets going with all her blazing speed someone is gonna get hurt. today it was my shins. montana ran head first into both of my shins and knocked me straight onto my rear. of course, montana’s head is much harder than my weak shins and therefore she didn’t feel the slightest thing. instead she saw me falling down as the perfect opportunity to jump on me and lick me to death. gotta love the basset.

SIDE NOTE – this afternoon i introduced my children to the original bbc version of “mr. bean.” noah didn’t like it but adam loved it.

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