the beauty of a team

i’ve been majorly sick the past week. starting sunday afternoon i developed the mother of all flu’s. it was awful. i didn’t go anywhere near the church until earlier this morning. truthfully i didn’t care what happened at the church – not because i don’t care about my family that is there but rather because i didn’t care about much other than when my next dose of medicine was coming up and how long i could sleep that time. i felt miserable. this post however is not about me. it’s about the staff that i work with.

i work with two wonderful people, jessica and alan. together we make up the youth ministry staff that leads a team of volunteers in getting the youth ministry going and grooving. technically i’m their boss, but truthfully we are a team. they didn’t miss a beat without me there even though we have a pretty major girls event this weekend (the feminar). everything, including our wednesday night service (the view) ran wonderfully. kids were assured of GOD’s love, parent’s were assured that they matter within the youth ministry and everyone was pushed and encouraged in following our wonderfully dangerous LORD and SAVIOR. and i had nothing to do with it.

i love my staff.

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