random chinese arts

random chinese artsi made it back from dropping my kids off in mobile for the weekend early this afternoon. before going home i wanted to go to the church and download my pictures that i took at the beginning of the feminar friday night (the student ministry’s girls only mini-retreat). so i headed down sherwood forest towards the church. that’s where i saw a chinese arts festival being held in front of a strip mall. the only connection i can think of is that the hunan chinese restaurant is located in the strip mall.

i thought it was cool and decided to stop and watch. i have to say that there is nothing quite like watching a bunch of anglos demonstrate chinese culture (almost everyone involved in the program was anglo). there was kung fu, music, asian dancing, and big freaky dragon things. i stayed and watched for about thirty minutes and then left. who knew that baton rouge was the seat of chinese culture?

here are a few more pictures from the strip mall chinese culture thingy – picture #1, picture #2, picture #3, and picture #4. you can also view my pictures from the feminar here.

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