the feminar

feminar 2005i am firmly convinced that most youth ministry is far to masculine in nature. because of this a few years ago our student ministry came up with the idea of doing a “feminar”. basically it’s a mini-retreat dealing with feminine issues. so of course, i have nothing to do with this retreat. i give the whole thing over to a group of ladies (led by my assistant, jessica) and they work through all the details. all i do is make an appearance to say “hi” and then hear the reports afterward. the ladies make the whole thing into a huge slumber party.

this year the feminar was february 4th-5th and it was tremendous according to all reports. we had about 65 girls that were a part of it. my wife, pam, was a part of the weekend and she came back talking about seventh grade girls talking about their lives being full of thinking that they have let people like their parents down and how hard it was to live under that pressure. they had deep conversations and CHRIST was continually brought into the midst of those conversations. it was a great weekend. i’m very proud to have those ladies on our team.

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