pinewood derby average speed

for some reason i have been receiving lots of search engine “hits” to the blog concerning “the average speed of a pinewood derby car”. i think this is pretty funny but i figured i would put a little bit of info on the page just to help whoever has been coming to the site. here it is and i hope it helps:

  • all of the statistics below assume an 80 foot long track – track length varies so this info will vary also
  • a really good time on a such pinewood derby track is below 4 seconds
  • if you are below 4.1 seconds on your average time you’ll be in the running for placing within the competition
  • if you are at 4.6 seconds you’ll be in the middle to milddle/rear part of the pack
  • 4.6 seconds translates into the real life speed of about 60 miles per hour
  • 4.6 seconds in scaled speed translates to about 325 miles per hour

to the unknown searcher – i hope this helps

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