the superbowl ads

i really don�t like commercial advertisements. i hate the fact that almost every where you look during your day you will see an advertisement. i can�t stand the fact that our schools have ads pasted all over them from the football scoreboard to motivational posters that have been �given� to our learning institutions. i say all this to preface my next statement.

i was really disappointed by the commercials during the superbowl. yes, i know it stands in contrast of my above statements that i would even consider liking the superbowl commercials. it�s just that i really do like creativity and the superbowl commercials are usually very creative. at least they used to be creative because it seemed like this year�s batch of commercials were pretty bland. in my opinion none of them were really very creative with the possible exception of the toyota prius commercial and the emerald nuts commercial that involved a unicorn, santa, and the easter bunny. they were both good commercials but i didn�t think either one of them was amazing or anything.

of course, my feelings on the matter were not helped any by the fact that new england won the game. i can�t really tell you why i don�t like them. in fact, they have the attributes that i usually like within a team – not flashy, major �team� mindset, very well coached, not made up of big names. yet for some reason i have never liked the patriots. it�s not even an anti-boston thin because i like the red sox and i LOVE the celtics. still i don�t like them and i really wished they had not won.

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