quiet versus noisey

my life is usually quite noisy. my home is full of sound. i have an amazing wife, two wonderful kids, a dog and two cats all who like to make tons of noise and tremendous amounts of activity. i work in a wonderful church that is constantly full of noise. i have an incredible office suite that always has someone new walking into it just to talk. when i’m not at the church office during work i’m usually at a school visiting people or at a hospital checking in on someone, both active, busy places. my life is full of activity and sound. this usually means that i am desperate to find some quiet. this means i’m usually looking for a place where no one else is so that i can focus on studying or just to winding down. it’s a constant struggle.

but not now. pam has work and school that is keeping her busy, my kids are in mobile, alabama making noise for someone else, and all the schools in town are out for mardi grass break. it’s very quiet. i’ve gotten so used to desperately trying to find quiet that now that i have it i don’t know what to do. i find the whole thing quite disturbing.

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