the view – february, 2005

for the next several weeks at the view we are doing messages based on teens questions that they put in a fish bowl each week. some of the questions are serious and some of them or not so serious. tonight we discussed:

  • was jonah swallowed by a fish or a whale? a question came back to how do we understand scripture: as a book of facts or as a message meant to convey GOD’s good news to a hurting world.
  • is satan a homo? we answered this be means of a video that we had allot of fun with.
  • faith or works?
  • what is robert’s favorite color? we answered this with another video

it made for a somewhat disjointed night but it was still fun and the discussions on “jonah” and “works” brought up some really good discussion that is needed within the youth ministry.

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  1. Bob,

    Is there any chance that you are getting any of these sermon discussion things recorded? I would really like to hear them. Oh and the videos are quite entertaining. Keep up the good work.


  2. hey chris, yes we are recording them and i’m about to start placing them on the view web page again. wednesday should be up tomorrow and then i’m going to place the older ones up a little at a time.

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