preschoolif you enjoy photography i want to make sure that you know about flickr. flickr is a photo sharing community that several of the people who are involved within the student minsitry are a part of. the beauty of flickr is that we can all view each other photos and then comment on each of them. of course, you can also use it as a way to post photos on your blog. anyhow, i was just wanting to make sure y’all knew about it and to encourage you to get involved in it if you were into taking pictures. here are the people from the student ministry that are involved in flickr right now:

we also have a former member (he moved to north carolina 3 1/2 years ago) on it – brad. if you’re in flickr and i don’t know about it please comment or email because i love seeing the pictures that others have taken.

this ends our non-solicited commercial for flickr.

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