the inner nerd

who knew that a “nerdiness” survey would get the most comments i’ve ever reached (16 thus far). i think i know why too – many people are afraid to admit their “inner nerd.” we all have one. some where lurking in your body is the “nerd you could be.” that nerd is just sitting there waiting to be let out. admit it, you’ve got some secret little love that every one else who laugh at if they knew about it. maybe it’s the fact that you love the discovery channel or maybe c-span. maybe you love math or have a secret fondness for calculators. could it be that you love science fiction books or you have an inordinately extreme love for star wars? maybe you know that you are socially awkward and you just hide it well. even fonzie (the epitome of cool) had an “inner nerd” that came out in episode #53 of “happy days“. if fonzie has an “inner nerd” then everyone has one.

your inner nerd is why you find yourself pulling for the nerd to win. go ahead admit it. when you watch a movie that has a nerd in it you find yourself hoping that every thing will work out for the nerd. you want the nerd to win because you empathize with him/her. you connect with the nerd because of the fact that there is an “inner nerd” hiding right behind that well developed mask that you try to wear for every one else to see.

we all have an inner nerd. it’s just that some of us are afraid to admit it and that fear causes the fearful to act out in violence against those that point out the nerdiness of the world. that’s why everyone jumped on the “nerdiness survey.” you’re afraid that the survey could point out how nerdy you actually are and then the rest of the world would know what you already know – you’re a nerd.

now it’s time for us to begin to experience nerdy freedom. let’s be open with our nerdiness. if we all admit our nerdiness then we will no longer have to fear being known as a nerd. so i’ll start

i love some science fiction books and i definitely love science fiction movies. i have actually read a little bit of the klingon language version of the bible. i am the proud owner of 1,000 star wars cards. i love the “history channel.” okay that’s a start. i will no longer fear nerddom.

SIDE NOTE – if you want to view the “joke” videos from tonight’s view then click the links below:

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