count of monte cristo

i re-watched the count of monte cristo tonight and was reminded of how much i liked the film. i love action flicks that are more than just action. “the count” has a story of spiritual redemption running through out it’s plot. edmond dantes is redeemed by the end of the movie. the desire for vengeance that was destroying his soul is finally beaten down and he is again able to see GOD’s hand in action in the world. this aspect of the plot can be seen in two lines: 1) the warden says “GOD is never in france this time of year” explaining why GOD won’t save edmond from the torture he is about to receive, then 2) edmond’s friend says “once again GOD has noticed you out of the corner of HIS eye” pointing out edmond’s good fortune again.

i’m sadden to say that i have never actually read alexandre dumas’s book. i’m not sure why but for some reason i have never actually be drawn to any of his writting. i’ve heard the movie is quite different from the book. i guess i should read it and find out for myself.

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