today was the day that pam tried out for jeopardy. she had to go to atlanta to do this and her mom, sister, and sister-in-law decided to join her for the journey. anyhow, she didn’t make it. out of seventy people there only four people made it to the next round of try outs. pam was not one of those.

since the boys & i were having a “guys only” weekend i thought it would be fun to go fishing. so we grabbed some bait and headed down to the lakes at l.s.u. just for the fun of it i decided to take montana, our basset hound, with us. this was probably not the smartest thing i have ever done. the lakes are filled with ducks, swans, and pelicans. apparently these birds and the mortal enemies of basset hounds because montana freaked out. any bird within barking distance (approximately three miles) was a threat and had to be scared away. my dad always told me as a kid that you had to be quiet when you went fishing because noise would scare the fish away. i’m really not very fluent in hound language and therefore i couldn’t figure out how to convey this information to montana. besides the boys and i kind of liked the fact that our usually quite lazy dog had now turned into a savage, duck hating beast. needless to say the fishing wasn’t that great.

the boys decided that montana had scared all the fish away and thus they thought it would be more fun to throw rocks. throwing rocks is a terrell boys past time. my guys can throw rocks for hours. today i only allowed them to throw for an hour and a half. they had a blast.

after duck chasing and rock throwing we decided to head home. we drove through l.s.u. and went by the commons area. that’s when we saw the indian guys playing cricket. since, neither i nor my boys had ever actually seen cricket being played we had to stop. we pulled over and watched these guys play cricket for an hour or so. cricket is a very confusing sport. i was able to figure out that one guy was trying to hit some pins with a ball and another guy was trying to hit the ball away and then run back and forth. other than those two tidbits i simply cheered when every one else was cheering. i’ve since read the rules of cricket and i am still not sure i understand any of the sport. even without knowing what was going on it was quite fascinating to see people actually playing cricket in southern louisiana. it was not something i was expecting to see.

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