a rough night

last night was a rough night at the terrell household. i was up late working on some material for the discipleNOW. when i finally went to bed at about 2:30 a.m. i ended up not get very much sleep. the reason for this was because noah woke up at 3:30 a.m. with a bad case of croup. croup is a childhood viral problem that is usually finished by the time someone is five. unfortunately for us noah is the exception to the rule. he’s eight and still has bad cases of croup. it’s not a fun situation. in fact, it’s pretty dog gone scary.

last night’s was definitely scary. i got up with noah and started giving him some albuterol to help with his breathing. it didn’t help much so i gave him another breathing treatment. the second treatment help a little more but it still wasn’t good enough. it’s not much fun to watch your child not be able to breathe. he was panicing and that made the situation all the worse. there was no choice left so at 4:30 a.m. noah and pam went to the emergency room. of course, being a hospital and all means that they have all these great drugs that do the things that our simple little consumer and prescription drugs can’t. so they had him fixed up in a matter of minutes. they shot him up full of steroids and gave him epinephrine to breathe in. everything was fine and he began to breathe perfectly.

the problem here was that neither pam nor i had been able to get any sleep so we were worn out. noah on the other hand had just been shot up and breathing liquid speed. he was bouncing off the walls. pam and i just wanted to sleep. noah just wanted to talk loud and fast and run all over the place. the boy who earlier couldn’t breathe was now driving us crazy with his energy. that’s not a good parenting combination – tired parents and a hyper kid. i’m not so sure but that noah may have been in more danger from his tired parents than he had ever been from his croup.

all are resting now and life is good.

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