psalm 23

psalm 23
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this door is in nicaragua. i fell in love with it during my first visit to the country. the reason for my love for the door is the irony of the door. nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere and driambe is one of the poorer cities within nicaragua. if you saw it you would know it instantly.

there is extreme want within the city. i don’t mean a want or desire for things but rather a desire for the necessities of life. the people of the city need food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. most important many people within the nation need hope. hope is the biggest thing necessary for life.

that’s why the picture blows me away. in the midst of a situation that many would proclaim hopeless the owner of this door has decided to proclaim “the LORD is my SHEPHERD i shall not be in want.”

that’s impressive faith. that faith that will make a difference and probably already has.

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