i’m geoblogging

i think this is incredibly cool but i’ve gotten mixed results from telling people (i.e. pam called me a “geek” and waco hitt said it was kind of interesting). anyway, i’ll now tell you what i’m talking about. today i geoblogged. basically i found the longitude and latitude of various pictures i have posted on my flickr account and then sat back and watched as geobloggers placed my photos on a google map. the cool thing about this is that i can se if any other images have been logged around where my images have been recorded.

if you want to try this out simply click on the “geoblogger” link on any of my images that have been geotagged.

scaping some land

pam and i have decided to begin work on landscaping our front yard (the back will be later probably after the summer is over). we’ve been messing around with plans for 8 months or so but that’s about it. today everything got very serious because we reached the point of no return.

a few minutes ago i loaded some roundup into my trusty sprayer and went to kill some grass. sadly it was innocent grass. the patch of lawn i was going to kill had never really done anything seriously wrong. yes, every now and then it would grow faster than i wanted it to but i don’t know if that is really a reason worth killing it or not. no all this grass did was grow up in the wrong spot. poor grass. it never stood a chance. i’m sure the murdered patch of grass is outside right now grasping for breath and fighting to stay alive. you go little lawn … fight with all you have … you little fighter you. we’re all proud of you lawn.

anyhow, the lawn that i sprayed will be dead as a door nail tomorrow morning and thus we’ll have to start work on the flower beds. of course, we could just settle for being known as the house with the huge patch of dead grass.