how do you scape a land?

i love reading youthblog by ian. awhile back ian detailed the building of his shed and i was surprised at how much i enjoyed reading about and following the progress of his shed. my fascination with the building of a simple shed is probably a rather sad statement on my life (and my extreme jealousy over him having a shed and me not having one is probably a very sad statement on my CHRISTianity).

through the whole thing i was inspired to likewise mark the progress of my own non-youth ministry related home improvement. pam and i recently finished the remodeling of our master bathroom and have now decided to move on to landscaping our front yard. this will be our project for the next three weeks. i could actually finish it in one week except for the fact that i will be leaving in the middle of the whole project on a mission trip with our youth ministry and will therefore be interrupted for a little over a week. anyway, we are starting on the project this weekend and will finish it whenever i get back. hopefully it will throw all of you into shock and awe regarding my masive green thumb.

the first step of this whole process is to determine what landscaping software is best to use for designing the whole project. the image above came from better homes and gardens’ free website landscape designing tool. obviously you get what you pay for. i’m probably going to purchase better homes and gardens’ landscape and deck designer because it seems to have the best reviews of any of the landscape designing software. if any of you guys & girls have any other suggestions on software i would be more than open to your suggestions.

i would also gladly take any suggestions you have on sources of top soil in the baton rouge area. i priced it today and found out it will take between $210 and $300 to purchase the top soil we need for the project. what is wrong with this world when DIRT costs this much? there has to be a better way to raise my flower beds.

nicaraguan missionary part 2

bloem2.freecoolsite.comlast week i posted about praying for kate as she left to spend a month in nicaragua working with our friends down there. now i want to remind you to pray for haley as she leaves to go do the same thing. she will leave for nicaragua on july 5th. she will be working with kate as they both experience life down there and live with the baltodanos. please keep them both in your prayers.

both haley and kate will come home to baton rouge with our the youth ministry team that is going to nicaragua july 28 through august 4.

i posted kate’s email earlier so now i’ll direct you to haley’s email. click here to send her a message. i know that both she and kate would appreciate any messages of encouragement you care to share with them.

the conversation at my house presently

noah has some guests over to spend the night tonight. their two brothers and their family are friends of our family. neither one of the brothers had ever had a chili dog and being as that’s one of my favorite meals in the world (high class aren’t i?) we decided to introduce the brothers to them. after eating the chili dogs the following conversation went on between pamela and the youngest brother, age 6.

youngest brother – i just pooted.
pamela – hey this is a non-pooting house. said with a grin
youngest brother – oh, well this always happens to me when i eat chips.
pamela – well, i guess we’ll have to keep you from eating more chips. won’t we? again, said with a grin
youngest brother – umm, what i meant is this always happens to me when i eat chili dogs.
pamela – but you’ve never eaten a chili dog before tonight so how could you know it always happens?
youngest brother – um, well … i just found out

the whole thing made pam and i laugh.

the power of apple

i’ve been podcasting our youth oriented worship services for 6 months (and simply making them streamable for years before that). the podcasting has been pretty cool with probably 10 to 20 people downloading the podcasts each day (and then the very rare days where it raises to 100). personally i’ve ben pretty lease with an average of 15 people per day downloading messages and music and i thought our little ole youth ministry was doing pretty well to be in the podcasting world.

tuesday, june 28th apple relased it’s new version of itunes which has the ability to subscribe to podacasts. i was interested in the whole thing and immediately downloaded the new version (though i’ll probably stick with ipodder just because it’s i’m not the hugest fan of “the man” in any industry). still i didn’t really think that itunes would have much of effect on a little bitty site like our’s. as usual i was wrong. the people subscribed to feed from the site has doubled in the past two days and the total downloads (clickthroughs & subscriptions) have doubled also.

to quote from applpe’s own press release concerning hitting one million pdocast subscriptions:

“iTunes has done what possibly no one else could have accomplished, propelled Podcasting into the mainstream,” said Will Lewis, management consultant for KCRW. “Our servers have been swamped with a stratospheric increase in traffic. In fact, downloads have increased tenfold as a result of the iTunes 4.9 launch.”

who knew apple had such power? aren’t they supposed to be the “little guys” in the computer world? i wander what micro$oft will have to say about all this.