a new mission trip

i love trying new things – when i’m in a place that i am familiar. the problem is this week i am doing a “new to me” mission experience with some of my youth. it’s called global encounter. thus far there have been somethings that i liked about it and somethings that i haven’t liked about it. the biggest thing i have realized is that i am very comfortable with change when i am in control of it. i do not like having to “float along” in someone else’s sea and be captive to their winds and currents.

of course, this whole thought then turns in on me and i have to start considering if i am forcing teens to “float in my sea” or if i am inviting them to float with me. floating with me is cool but just being in my world that i control is awful frightening. i might have to reconsider some of my creative projects when i get back home.

global domination

global domination 2
we’ve made it to global encounter in houston texas and spent our first night sleeping on the floor. not a bad experience on awhole. there is something about sleeping on an air mattress on the floor with a bunch of other people in the same room that is quite fun. you learn new things about people. you learn who talks in their sleep, who snores (that would be me), who can’t last the whole night without having to go to the restroom, and who uses too much cologne or axe body spray. it’s a fun and interesting experience.