it’s a great big stupid world

people around the london bombing (or 7/7 as some as calling it) are placing their pictures on the london bombing photo pool. most of them are captured stills from television news programs but there are some from people who were in the subways during and after the explosions.

other countries stood with, mourned with, and prayed for us when we were attacked. now we need to do the same thing for our friends across the pond.

the state of the blogsphere

yesterday i posted about the great and instant increase in the number of visitors to this blog and the confusion that it was causing me. thankfully, adam from ys forum blogring told me that the ys update listed my blog as their blog of the week. while i appreciate the “nod of the head” i do feel i have to ask “why would they list my blog?”

so here are my thoughts:

  • ys has made a huge mistake meaning to actually type the url of instead of and accidentally sent innocent people to my blog.
  • whoever picks the “blog of the week” for the ys update was smoking something strange last week when they were putting together the update.
  • they have recommended so many blogs that they have reached the end of the blogsphere and are stuck recommending mine.

all i know for sure is that as someone who respects ys greatly i’m a little disappointed that you’ve dropped to such a low level. common ys i know you can do better.