indian wrestling

okay guys and girls next month (january) we are going to be discussing “wrestling with faith” at the view (wednesday @ 6:15 p.m.). in an attempt to do something a little different and have a slight discussion starter i have decided to do our own version of the reality t.v. show “the contender“. of course, we’re not actually going to box. instead we are going to do indian leg wrestling. i am going to do backgorund stories and everything on each of the people who are involved. i need eight people to be involved. last night i had four people volunteer. i now need 4 other people. if you are interested send me a note or something.

btw, here’s what leg wrestling looks liike.

p.s. austins you are more than welcome to participate in the leg wrestling. all you have to do is send in a video and i’ll work it in.

my run for the day
distance – 3.6 miles
total time – 34:10
pace – 9:29/mile

[Listening to: Wrestling Angels – Grover Levy – Wrestling Angels (3:05)]