love & hate

january 14th “24” starts up again. i can’t wait to see the next adventures of jack bauer. the show may not be in it’s prime anymore but i still get a kick out it each sunday.

house drives me crazy. i’ve only seen the show a couple of times. once i watched it to see what all the hub-bub was about. since then i’ve watched it a little while pam was watching it. thankfully pam has also reached the point of agreeing with me. i simply can’t watch house without getting mad because he reminds me of some of the doctors i used to work with when i was an insurance adjuster back in the ’90s. working worker’s compensation severely lowered my view of many doctors. life is to short to watch a television show that glorifies a jerk.

of course, jack bauer is also a jerk but he is an entertaining jerk. in fact, house and bauer are allot alike – they both constantly break the rules, destroy other peoples’ rights, and only trust their own skill in their attempts to achieve their goals. i guess the main difference is that i don’t know anyone who works in counter terrorism and therefore i can just assume that there are no real jack bauers. unfortunately, i have work with doctors and therefore know that while most are good there actually are some like house.

my run for the day
distance – 5.1 miles
time – 48:31
pace – 9:30/mile