a thing once existed …

i’m presently listening to aldous huxley’sbrave new world” while running. i love this book. i didn’t read it in high school like most people because i didn’t really read much of anything when i was in high school. i read it for the first time when i hit college. i fell in love with it immediately. since then it’s been on my “re-read list” ever couple of years. today while running i hit the part in chapter 4 when mustapha mond, the western european controller started describing the thing that once existed called “CHRISTianity” (obviously in the fictional world of the book it no longer existed). mond’s problem with CHRISTianity was that it was opposed to the constant and meaningless consumption that was necessary for the world’s economy to continue to grow. mond believed that nothing could be allowed to exist unless it encouraged people to buy things. it all seemed rather ironic to me after going through the CHRISTmas season.

i sometimes wonder if mond’s description of CHRISTianity shouldn’t be closer to what the truth actually is. all you have to do is walk into a lifeway store to see that some portions of modern CHRISTianity think consumption is the greatest thing ever. i hate lifeway.

my run for the day
distance – 7.0 miles
time – 1:07:54
pace – 9:42/mile