a crisis that will sting us in the end

there is a honey bee crisis developing within america. for some unknown reason or reasons millions of honey bees are randomly dying across america. this is actually no laughing matter because honey bees provide almost 90% of all insect pollination and approximately 90 different foods that we eat (mostly fruits and nuts) depend upon insect pollination. in the past few months u.s. beekeepers have lost about 25% of their colonies due to what is now being called colony collapse disorder. this is five times their normal winter loss.

pam and i have always wanted to raise honey bees. maybe this means that we should start when we move up to wisconsin. if this happens i expect everyone of you to thank GOD for me when you eat your meals. ūüėČ

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  1. It’s a plot by the Chinise. They want to produce more of our food so thay can put plastic into it and kill us off slowly. They need to do it slowly because we are their biggest customer.

    It’s either that or the bees are just dieing, who knows?

  2. after seeing this article on a company within china making fake eggs out of chemicals i think i believe your first guess – it’s the government of the people’s republic of china that’s killing our bees.

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