you should probably take a shower then

our church’s preschool has a chapel every tuesday. these chapels consist of a group of 3 to 5 year olds singing a few songs and then being led through a short bible story by one of the ministers. this means that i get to lead one of these chapels every month. this past week was once again my turn to lead the preschool chapel.

when i lead these chapels for the the kids i like to involve a good bit of participation from the kids so i usually pick a story that i can get the kids to interact with in at least a small way. tuesday i decided to use the story of JESUS healing the 10 lepers. as a part of telling this story i had ten kids get up in front to help me tell the story. when our kid/JESUS walked close to our kid/lepers they were supposed to shout “JESUS, master, have pity on us” as loud as they possibly could. that was the plan and nine of them understood and followed it. one of the kid/lepers apparently misheard me because while the others were shouting “JESUS, master, have pity on us” she instead shouted out “JESUS, he peed on us!

needless to say all the adults in the room lost it at that point and the chapel devotion was over.

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