desperately seeking susan

okay this post has nothing to do with the movie from 1985 and i’m not really looking for anyone named susan – it just seemed like a fun answer. earlier this week i decided i would start emailing some friends of mine that don’t really like the whole “church thing.” some of them are followers of CHRIST and some of them are not (if i haven’t emailed you yet it probably means that i couldn’t find your email address). i’m seeking their thoughts on what church is like and what they would like to see it like. i know and belief that CHRIST sets up the church and is the head of it but i also know that most of what goes on at church has nothing to do with JESUS. i don’t think JESUS cares at all if we have organs or guitars at church and i think HE really dislikes some of the stuff that we do in the name of being HIS body. so i’ve emailed them and asked them the following questions:

  • what things with churches have offended you? i don’t mean core biblical values here – i’m okay with someone being offended by a core belief of my faith (i.e. believing that JESUS is the only way to GOD, that we were created to be with GOD, etc) – i’m not changing that. instead what i mean are the other things that people latch onto that have nothing to do with their core faith – i.e. being a republican, buying cheesy paintings, not standing up against hate, that churches shouldn’t meet in bars, etc.
  • what things have you seen within a CHRISTian community that you do like? i guess what i’m asking here is what type of church would you possibly go to even though you don’t believe their faith?
  • what types of things could a body of believers do within the community that would make you glad they were within your community?

now i was wondering what you guys & girls thought. if would greatly appreciate any thoughts or opinions any of your had. you can either leave them in the comments or email them to me at robert.terrell (at)

thanks a bunch guys.

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  1. One thing I like about a church in the community is that the church is the FIRST ‘organization’ to come to action given the needs of others. I’ll never forget hearing people talking after Katrina saying things like ‘can you believe that the christian churches/organizations have donated more than other self-deemed ‘charitable organizations’? I couldn’t help but respond….”Isn’t that the way it SHOULD be??”.

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