bragging on some friends

i thought i would take a second and brag on some friends at the ring community church. i was talking with jessica today and she told me what they had done for mother’s day. if you have ever been in an evangelical church during mother’s day then you have probably watched as a big deal is made of mom’s (which is a good thing) and a crappy gift is given to them (these are usually cheap, stupid little things that nobody ever uses – like a quote book, or a flimsy bookmark, or a wilted carnation). jess recommended that instead of wasting allot of money on allot of people to acquire nothing more than clutter she recommended to the leadership of the ring (basically josh and meg for this decision) that they take the money they would have wasted on the meaningless gifts and instead give it to world vision in honor of their mom’s. so that’s what they did – they gave all the money to world vision to help the helpless and printed out a little booklet to give to the mom’s in their church explaining what the money would be used for.

it was a simple yet brilliant idea. from what i hear many of the mothers in the room were moved to tears. i wish i had thought of it. i will definitely be using it when jar starts.

speaking of “jar” i figured i would give y’all an update on what is happening now that our assessment is complete. here’s what is happening:

  • sometime this week my future “boss” in wisconsin will call and we will work out the details for what is basically a grant application for income from the north american mission board.
  • research, research, research – pam and i have to learn as much as we possibly can about the wonderful people of stevens point and we also need to learn more and more concerning the details of planting a church.
  • develop prayer partners and needs – we’ve got to figure out what to ask people to pray for (for some reason just saying “everything” doesn’t help much) and while we figure out what to ask people to pray for we also need to find people to pray for us.
  • we need to find a way to move up to wisconsin – the price of moving has jumped up considerably since seven years ago when we moved to baton rouge.
  • depend upon GOD even more for what HE wants us to do up there.
  • i think for tax reasons we are going to have to determine a name before we really start and have a group to help dream up a name – this is not something i am really excited about (i’d rather the group do it) but it’s not something that is life or death for me.

SIDE NOTE – “24” has gone down hill – it is a sad day in tv-land.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – we’re entering our homemade salsa in a salsa competition wednesday. i didn’t even know that there were such things as salsa competitions.

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  1. Let us know what we can do to help!

    Please don’t tell me 24 is going downhill. I just started watching season 1 and am hooked. It is the best show ever (at least so far). Jill and I cannot stop watching it. It is a drug.

  2. @jim – sorry to tell you but this year has been the worst series. the story line makes little sense compared to the other years.

    @debbie – of course you can pray. i’ll be making a list of people who have volunteered soon. you’re first on the list.

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