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i think the youtube battle between the bbc investigative show “panorama” and the “church” of scientology is great entertainment. john sweeney did and investigative report on scientology and scientology’s response was to do an “investigative” report on him discrediting. i have mixed feelings here because i think it is hilarious that a reporter received the same treatment that some of them have given out to their subjects before (i don’t know john sweeney so i can’t say if he has done such attacks or not). it’s kind of funny. you can view scientology’s response to panorama’s show here.

with that said, in my opinion the people from scientology are freaky. from watching both sweeney’s film and the film from scientology it seems obvious to me that the people from scientology were trying to intimidate and disrupt everything that was happening. it is my understanding that scientology has always had a rep for trying to force people to shut up and the film just seems to make their techniques even clearer. of course, i’m not real sure what else we could expect from a “church” founded by a science fiction writer.

you can view the entire panorma episode “scientology and me” by clicking the four links below:

my run for the day
distance – 2.0 miles
time – 20:28
pace – 10:14/mile

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  1. Come on, now…

    C.S. Lewis was a science fiction writer.
    I would venture to say that Ezekiel (as in, the book of Ezekiel… in the Bible) was into a little bit of sci-fi, as well. Have you read that stuff??

  2. @j.t. – nice try j.t. but i don’t think that c.s. lewis or ezekiel ever founded a religion. they may have written on their faiths but they didn’t initiate it.

    i would also add that i wouldn’t consider ezekiel a sci-fi writer. while he definitely writes some strange stuff it was never presented as any type of fantasy writing. we have no library of sci-fi literature from him.

    i didn’t say you couldn’t trust someone who wrote sci-fi. it’s just that i’m a little suspect when that’s their main source of renown and then they start a religion after the sci-fi stuff. scientology doesn’t seem to be something that hubbard lived out before he started it.

    of course, there is also this great quote from l. ron hubbard

    writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. if a man really wants to make a million dollards, the best way would be to start his own religion.

    from a hubbard lecture in 1949, quoted in the new york times, july 11, 1984 – source: the new international dictionary of quatations

    that quote always makes me laugh. of course, i don’t even think any of this really matters because i’m making an assumption that i have a decent idea of your true feelings on this matter and that you’re just being a devil’s advocate. the scrary thing here is that i actually thought that your comment might have come from a scientologist who was smart enough to steal your name from my “friends” list and pretend to be you. stupid huh?

    @jim – yep i’ve started running again. my leg is sore the day after each run but otherwise all seems fine. of course, i’m not running any long distances at this time. we’ll see how things are when i start those.

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