i’m finished – maybe

i'm a stevens pointer

the past week i have been basically writing a grant for income in stevens point. the north american mission board wants to help church plants and i have gone through everything they asked over the past 5 months. this week we reached the point of writing out what was actually needed. in order to do that i had to present a ton of demographic information showing whether there is a reason to plant a new church in stevens point or not. the above image is part of what i finished. it doesn’t look like much but i spent many a late night researching to be able to say the little that is on the photo and the ton that is in the 25 pages of supporting information. at one time in my life i actually thought that late night studying would stop after i finished school. HA!

on the movie front i was able to watch “north by northwest” last night when i couldn’t sleep and i was finished with my demographic research. it is amazing film. i love alfred hitchcock.

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  1. Robert – you’ll do everything they ask – and it will still come up short – but it doesn’t matter – planting is about faith, courage – God uses all of this to shape a planter in ways that come no way but experience. I love what all you’ve read – hope you’ll do more than start a church – but multiply churches – hope you’ll do more than get some converts – but go for transformation – hope you’ll do more than just change a few lives – but instead change a city – hope you’ll do more than be a Sunday event – but a mobilizer of thousands of people to raise up the whole church to engage the world and society like never before. Welcome to the greatest time in history to get to start a church – Bob Roberts

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