hitched, fixing, pirates

for those who know him and might be interested joe causey was married to nicole tonight. it was a wonderful ceremony and they make a great couple.

otherwise my day was spent meeting with our realtor, blake fowler, figuring out what needs to be done to the house before we put it on the market and the working on that list, which is:

  • painting the exterior
  • painting the accent wall in adam’s room
  • touch up painting in several spots
  • cleaning and stretching the carpet in three rooms
  • replacing the baseboards
  • replacing the front shutters
  • and a few other piddly things

adam and i saw “pirates of the caribbean: at world’s end” today. we both thought it was merely okay. a few days ago grant asked on his blog if there would be any good sequels this summer. i’m beginning to think the answer will be “no.”