the simpsons movie

we saw the simpsons movie this afternoon and i was a bit disappointed. it was an okay movie but i was expecting so much more.

my last day at church is august 12th and therefore i will need movie my blog over to another site in ten days or so. i should take care of this in a few days. i think i am going to use godaddy. they have a couple of packages that i am interested in.

i hate moving. i hate the whole moving process – saying goodbye to friends, selling a house, buying a house, moving our stuff, etc. i’m ready for it all to be over. our house in baton rouge should clear once we get the results back from the inspection (tomorrow or so), correct anything major that it finds and then close on the house. we are really about fed up with that process. i have to wonder about selling a house and the blogging world. we and our realtor think that our buyers have a little too much inside information. this could be through the church or also possibly through my blog. it’s a brave new world.

i’ve recently be blown away by how revolutionary early CHRISTianity was and how mundane modern western CHRISTianity can be (though there are pockets of the revolution that can be found). yes i do catch the irony of saying this in the same post that i talk about buying and selling a house.

the view for this week

hey guys & girls i just wanted to let you know that we won’t have “the view” this week because of the revival services that will be going on this week. instead we will meet with the whole church in the sanctuary at 7 p.m. this means i have one last “view” with everyone. it will be wednesday, august 8th. if all goes right josh causey is going teaching me how to cook jambalaya right before the service. it’s a win/win situation for me and you. i win because i learn how to cook jambalaya and you win because you get to eat free jambalaya. i’m not sure how or even if josh wins in this situation but that’s not very important as long as i learn how to cook jambalaya. ūüôā

back in town

i’m back in town after a week in nicaragua and other than being tired things are great. we have a contract on our baton rouge house and will close on it august 17th. meanwhile in wisconsin we will close on 3311 arbor vitae (latin for “tree of life”) on august 20th at which time we will finally have a dwelling in wisconsin.

i was reading an old friend’s blog tonight and i was struck by one statement. the statement was:

i don’t know about you, but the older i get, the more i desire to see the power of GOD expressed in my life and through my life.

what struck me by the statement is how untrue it probably most of the time. i’m not talking about my old friend’s life, i’m sure it is true for him. i mean for myself. sure i can say the statement it’s really following through on it that possesses the problem. the reason for this is that in scripture “the power of GOD being expressed” in someone’s life usually ends up being disruptive to the way those peoples’ lives were going. just look at abraham, gideon, peter, paul, or any combination of other individuals from the bible. when GOD expresses HIMself within one of HIS follower’s lives HE changes everything … people are moved, people sacrifice way too much, they attempt the impossible, they confuse all those around them, and much more. GOD expressing HIMself is not an experience that requires nothing from the one who sees it. instead it requires a response and that response often calls for dramatic changes. i’m not sure that i can always say that i desire to see that happen within my life. i can say though that i desire to desire it.

my continued flight problems

as many of you know all the major airlines hate pam and i. it is definitely a conspiracy because every time either of us fly something happens. well last night, six hours before i was to leave with our youth for nicragua, delta called and left a voicemail on the church emergency number that our flight for today had been canceled and we would be flying out sunday instead. great. i tried everything i could but i was unable to arrange anything and therefore our trip to nicaragua to work with our friends has been made one day shorter. hopefully this will be the only trouble we have flying. southwest arilines is now officially the only airlines i have flown with that i don’t despise.

SIDE NOTE – my wife hates me. well maybe hate is a little strong. as many of you know i love photography and i take pictures as often as possible. they’re not as great as many of your photos but they still keep me busy. i post these photos on flickr and i place a creative commons license on them so that they can be used by anyone who is not making a profit. well today i received the following flickr comment on a photo of pam.

A very nice photo!

A was happy to find a good photo of a facial mask. Didnt (sic) find that many with a creative commons licens (sic) here at Flickr.

I used it in an article about facial masks: Gör en egen ansiktsmask av frukt.

Its in swedish. “Ansiktsmask” being swedish for facial mask. Frukt = fruits.

Big thanks for using creative commons. Good luck with your photo!


oh yes this is exactly what every woman wants … a picture of her in a facial mask place on an article. i am dead meat.

the hampton inn & photos

pam and i stayed at a hampton inn in milwaukee this past weekend and i renewed my love affair with hampton inns. i’m not exactly sure why but i have loved hamptin inns since my junior year in college. i guess it is probably the fact that it was at a hampton inn that i first ran into the wonderful world of the free continental breakfast. ahhhhhh, free donuts. whatever the reason i have had a secret love affair with hampton inns for years. of course, being the son of floyd terrell i have a dominate cheap gene that keeps me from staying at hampton inns very often.

anyway, we stayed at one this past weekend and it reminded me of my great love for them. that love was increased by the fact that the hampton inns have apparently introduced tons of random black and white photos into their corporate culture. everywhere you look within the hotel you see another black and white photo. there are photos on the key cards, photos on the walls, photos on the room number plaques, and photos on the “do not disturb” sign. i loved it. i was please that there was at least one place without random photos on it. i was pleased that there were no photos on the toilet paper. that would have been disturbing.

making an offer

for those of you who are interested i thought i would let you know that we made an offer on a house in stevens point, wisconsin. you can view it here. now we have to wait and see if the owners except the offer, make a counter offer, or simply laugh their rear ends off. of course, we also have to sell our house.

i hate bush international airport

sunday was the worst experience i have ever had flying (and i’ve had at least a few bad experiences flying). we were flying back from wisconsin to baton rouge and left milwaukee early sunday morning. we arrived in houston at 8:30 a.m. on our continental plane and waited for our 10:30 a.m. flight home to baton rouge. here’s what happened:

  • 10:30 flight – our 10:30 flight was canceled due to storms over the gulf coast – this is understandable – we were put on stand by for a 12:10 p.m. flight and guaranteed spots on a 2:15 p.m. flight if the 12:10 p.m. stand by didn’t workout
  • 12:10 p.m. flight – we are waiting in line for our stand by flight and miracle of miracles they call our names to get on the plane. we hope on the plane and grab our seats. after sitting down in our chairs for 10 minutes the flight attendant came over and told us the pilot had determined that the airplane was to heavy and we would have to exit the plane (apparently i need to lose a little weight). the good news is that the ticket agent says that our 2:15 p.m. tickets are set and we have actual spots on the airplane.
  • 2:15 p.m. flight – we are in line to get onto the plane when i hear a ticket agent say “she has seat 4c also.” i tell him i also have seat 4c and that’s when we realize that they have triple booked pam and my seats. turns out that we don’t get to get on the plane. the good news is that we end up getting $300 ticket vouchers for continental’s mistake. we are rescheduled for a 7:30 p.m. flight.
  • 7:30 p.m. flight – our flight is canceled due to weather that no one seems to be experiencing on the gulf coast but continental swears is happening. we are reschedules for a 10:52 p.m. flight. we decided to see about renting a car to drive back to baton rouge. we spend the next hour trying to arrange a one way rental car. after all the effort we are able to discover that it will costs us almost $300 to rent the car and we will only beat our 10:52 p.m. flight by about 40 minutes. we decide 40 minutes is not worth $300 to us. we go back to wait for our plane.
  • 10:52 p.m. flight – the ticket agent announces that even though our flight attendant arrived at the airport since 8:55 p.m. she is now no where to be found. it takes them an hour to find a flight attendant and we can finally take off.
  • 1:30 a.m. – we arrive in baton rouge only to discover that continental has lost our luggage.

we arrived 13 hours later than we were supposed to. i know others have faced much worse in an airport but this was the worst i have ever experienced.

i think the lesson that we all should learn from my experience is that continental sucks.

remember to pray for the austins

for those who know and love the austins i would like to make sure that you have read their latest blog entry. they are fine but they are asking for everyone’s prayers due to some social unrest that is happening within peru.

susie says…

i have been assured that all of this is normal third world country peruvian life and that we are very safe. please do not worry or call, just pray. pray that all is calm during these protests and that the grievances are handled in a civilized, peaceful and uneventful manner.

so please keep our friends the austins in your prayers throughout your day and maybe send them a note or something.